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How do I pay for my order?

Help! I have food allergies!

Full payment is required to complete your order reservation, 50% of which is a non-refundable retainer in the event that you cancel the order for any reason within any timeframe. I use Square to send itemized invoices that allow you to pay securely by card.

I do offer specific gluten-free cake sponge options (see Custom Cakes menu). However, please keep in mind that I work in a home kitchen that uses nut, gluten, dairy, and egg products. If you have a severe food allergy or intolerance, please know that I cannot and do not guarantee that my products are completely free of these common allergens.



How far ahead should I order my cake?

How many servings can I get out of my cake?

At least 2 weeks. Please check out my cake page for full details on ordering. Every cake (and bake) I offer is made-to-order, even my standard offerings. Let’s be real, I’m a proud home bakeshop with a staff of 1 (me!), so I need ample notice to ensure I can fulfill your order.

Mini (4” x 3 layers) = 4-6 servings

Full (6” x 3 layers) = 6-10 servings

Extra (6″ x 4 layers) = 16-20 servings

How do I transport & store my cake?

Before you arrive:

Blast that AC so your car is the North Pole. It's critical for your cake to stay cool and out of direct sunlight/heat during transport. No one wants a melty cake, no one.

Clear a flat spot on the passenger side floor or trunk to serve as the cake bed. No car seats, backseats, or laps. Cakes prefer (clean) car floors with no sloping. I strongly recommend bringing a baking sheet to place the cake on too!

When you arrive:

Upon arrival, I will greet you in the driveway to confirm your order. Afterwards, I will bring your cake and place it in its predetermined cake bed area (see note above).

En route home/to the shindig:

Drive more carefully and slowly than you usually do. This isn’t NASCAR. I stand by the sturdiness of my cakes, but taking the hairpin turn on the Pali at 60mph puts them to test unnecessarily.

***Cakes need to be refrigerated until approx. 45 minutes before serving. Please keep this in mind while planning your event logistics.